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Judging and winners Website issues Other queries
1. Who can enter Eulda?
2. Are non-European logos eligible?
3. Is the competition open to students?
4. Do I have to be a member of a design association to enter?
5. Can I only submit logos created last year, or is older work also eligible?

How to enter
6. Where can I get the Call-For-Entries?
7. How do I enter the award scheme?
8. Can I fill out a paper application form instead of using the online procedure?
9. What should be stated in the VAT field when creating an account?
10. What format should the logos be submitted in?
11. I am having problems submitting my logos online. Can you help me?
12. What information is required for each logo submitted?
13. Why do you ask for information about my clients? Do you intend to contact them?
14. Aren’t you interested in the “graphic universe” of the logo (its use, applications, etc.)?
15. How will I know if you have received my submission?
16. Can I withdraw a logo I have already submitted and paid for?

Entry fees
17. Do I have to pay the entry fee even if my logo is not published?
18. Why should I pay an entry fee if you make money from the annual?
19. Do I have to pay VAT on the entry fee?
20. Are there any further fees to pay if my logo is published?

Payment options
21. What options are there for paying the entry fee?
22. If I pay offline, what documents do I need to send as confirmation of payment?
23. Can you charge my card directly if I send you my credit card details?
24. Can someone else pay on my behalf?
25. As a member of an association that endorses Eulda, how do I get the discount on entry?
26. How will I know if you have received payment?
27. Will I receive a receipt or invoice for my records?
28. I have not received any invoice. What can I do?
29. I have not received any invoice and I can’t download it from my Eulda account. What now?
30. I have a payment question that is not covered here. Can you help?

Judging and winners
31. Will all logos submitted be published in the annual?
32. What prizes will the winners receive?
33. How will I know if I am a winner?
34. Will there be a prize-giving ceremony?
35. Why are there no judges from my country on the jury?
36. Can I be a judge next year?

Website issues
37. Which browser and plug-ins do I need to view the Eulda website properly?
38. My set-up is OK but I still can’t view some parts of the Eulda website correctly. Why not?
39. How does the Eulda registration website protect data?
40. How are cookies used on the Eulda registration website?

Other queries
41. My question is not answered here. How can I contact you?