The three-tier jury
The judging procedure
Eulda’s judging panel is made up of internationally renowned professionals, but even more important is the innovative way they are selected.

10 internationally renowned designers
Selected by BEDA, the Bureau of European Design Associations, from a representative spread of nations. Only brands which have passed the filter of this pool of creative and design directors will move onto the phase of selection by clients.

BEDA (www.beda.org) exists to ensure permanent liaison between the professional societies of designers, the promotional, educational, research, social and design management organisations and networks within the countries of Europe, and to act as a liaison between them and the authorities of the European Union.

10 internationally recognized clients
Eulda ensures visibility beyond the boundaries of the design community: the panel of judges also includes corporate clients, selected by Aquent, the world’s largest marketing staffing firm.

Aquent (www.aquent.com) is the world’s largest marketing staffing firm. For twenty years we’ve been the leader in helping marketing organizations find the people they need, on a freelance and direct hire basis, and in helping marketing professionals find the rewarding assignments they want. We represent talent in virtually every marketing discipline, from brand managers to copywriters, from data analysts to web designers.In addition, Aquent offers marketing organizations a wide range of services including consulting, studio solutions, project management, and translation/localization. Aquent has 70 offices in 17 countries with over 11,000 professionals working at more than 3,000 companies.

10 members of the public
Unique among design competitions, Eulda publishes only those logos which earn the seal of approval of the public. The ten judges are supplied by Consumers International, an independent, non-profit organisation which supports, links and represents consumer groups and agencies all over the world.

CI – Consumers International (www.consumersinternational.org) is a federation of consumer organisations dedicated to the protection and promotion of consumer’s rights worldwide through empowering national consumer groups and campaigning at the international level. It currently represents over 230 organisations in 113 countries.