Best of Europe

Logo name: Consumer Society and Citizen Networks
Nation: Serbia
Client: Consumer Society and Citizen Networks
Description: Logo for the Consumer Society and Citizen Networks (Ukraine). The idea was to show the protection of the consumers in the simpliest way. The solution was to combine a well-known symbol of the market/consumption such as the bar code (which graphically looks like the rain) with an ordinary umbrella (symbol of protection).

Best of Nations
Best of Austria
Logo name: Raumfilm, Filmproduction
Agency: Lichtwitz – Büro für visuelle Kommunikation
Client: Raumfilm, Filmproduction

Best of Bosnia-Herzegovina
Logo name: TEXTURA – Fashion
Agency: Muamer Adilovic
Client: TEXTURA d.o.o. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Best of Croatia
Logo name: Academy of Dramatic Art
Agency: Laboratorium
Client: Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb

Best of Denmark
Logo name: Hou+Partnere Arkitekter A/S
Agency: Super Duper Graphics
Client: Hou+Partnere Arkitekter A/S

Best of Finland
Logo name: Moor
Agency: Hahmo Design Oy
Client: Moor Oy Ltd

Best of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Logo name: Association of Albanian Publishers
Agency: Eggra
Client: Association of Albanian Publishers

Best of Germany
Logo name: mind the gap
Agency: KITA™ Berlin | Visual Playground
Client: monopol records GmbH


Best of Ireland
Logo name: Luttrellstown Castle Resort
Agency: First Impression
Client: Luttrellstown Castle Resort

Best of Italy
Logo name: Avis
Agency: Tangram Strategic Design

Best of Latvia
Logo name: MADARA ecocosmetics
Agency: Liene Drazniece
Client: MADARA ecocosmetics

Best of Luxembourg
Logo name: Urban Chic
Agency: Vidale-Gloesener
Client: Urban Chic

Best of Norway
Logo name: Telio,-
Agency: Bleed
Client: Telio

Best of Poland
Agency: Juice
Client: Moustache Film

Best of Portugal
Logo name: Eight
Agency: Shift Design
Client: Eight Business Lounge Bar

Best of Romania
Logo name: Helios
Agency: X3 Studios
Client: Helios Art Gallery

Best of Russian Federation
Logo name: Logotype of the anti-drag action
Agency: y-design
Client: a public youth social organization

Best of Serbia
Logo name: Consumer Society and Citizen Networks
Agency: Jovan Rocanov (Serbia) for Kaffeine Communications (Kiev, Ukraine)
Client: Consumer Society and Citizen Networks

Best of Slovakia
Logo name: Visegrad Fund
Agency: International Visegrad Fund
Client: International Visegrad Fund

Best of Slovenia
Logo name: Halo Safet
Agency: Armada
Client: Sever & Partner d. o. o.

Best of Spain
Logo name: TORCH
Agency: El Paso, Galería de Comunicación
Client: Torch Spain

Bet of Sweden
Logo name: Snooker
Agency: Bedow Creative
Client: Snookerhallen i Stockholm AB

Best of Switzerland
Logo name: Association de Amis de la Salamandre
Agency: MottazDesign
Client: Association de Amis de la Salamandre

Best of The Netherlands
Logo name: Effenaar
Agency: Fabrique Communications and Design
Client: Effenaar

Best of Turkey
Logo name: Turkey and the European Union Relationships
Agency: MYRA
Client: European Union Relationships Publications

Best of United Kingdom
Logo name: Brightlines Translation
Agency: Mytton Williams
Client: Brightlines Translation