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Eulda is the high-profile graphic design award scheme that rewards the best logos and trademarks designed in Europe. The winners are selected by an international three-tier jury consisting of 10 top design professionals, 10 marketing managers from major international clients and finally 10 members of the public (provided respectively by the worldwide established organizations BEDA, Aquent and Consumers International).

This innovative judging mechanism reflects the actual process that turns any logo idea into a successful logo:

the designers decide what to present to the clients,
the clients decide what to present to the public,
but in the end it is always the public that decides if a brand is successful.
The core of excellence generated by this process is collated in a printed annual, rewarding the best designers and the best clients, and creating an archive that tracks the evolution of tastes, styles and trends in Europe, year after year. The annual has some innovative characteristics that make it unique in the realm of design publications, thanks to a partner who knows all about taking on challenges: the book is printed on Sappi acclaimed papers by Fontegrafica, winner of numerous European and worldwide awards.

Mission & objectives

To promote excellence in European visual communication; to provide real recognition to the people who invest their passion in this field; to act as a benchmark for the high quality of work being produced in Europe, a group photo that strengthens Europe’s image within the region and beyond it; to offer a genuine point of contact between various countries; to create a forum for the leaders in the field of visual communication, exploring its trends, absorbing and disseminating its future trajectories. Eulda: one small step towards a more influential role for Europe in the world!

Eulda Books (www.euldabooks.com), the publishing house created specifically for the Eulda project, is a unique organization. Founded in Milan in 2005 by a team of industry professionals, its ambition with this project is to celebrate, inspire and promote European creative excellence throughout the world.

Endorsing associations
More than 65 international and national design associations have already endorsed Eulda. And the number keeps growing.

Eulda’s standing is guaranteed by the endorsement of many of the most important international and national design associations: Eulda is the only award scheme in the world endorsed by more than 65 design associations! All the most prestigious associations with designers amongst their members are invited to grant Eulda their endorsement: not only for the visibility it provides, but also to offer their members something of practical value: a 20% discount on entry to the competition and purchase of the annual.

Eulda is endorsed by the following international associations:

Icograda (www.icograda.com)
The International Council of Graphic Design Associations (Icograda) is the world body for professional graphic design and visual communication. Founded in 1963, it is a voluntary assembly of associations concerned with graphic design, visual communication, design management, design promotion and design education. Icograda promotes graphic designers’ vital role in society and commerce and unifies the voices of graphic designers and visual communicators worldwide.

AIGA (www.aiga.org)
AIGA, the professional association for design, is the oldest and largest membership association for design professionals engaged in the discipline, practice and culture of designing. Its mission is to advance designing as a professional craft, strategic tool and vital cultural force.

AIGA was founded in 1914. Since then, it has become the pre-eminent professional association for communication designers, currently representing more than 18,000 designers of all disciplines through national activities and local programs developed by more than 50 chapters and 200 student groups.

AIGA supports the interests of professionals, educators and students who are engaged in the process of designing. The association is committed to stimulating thinking about design, demonstrating the value of design and empowering success for designers throughout the arc of their careers.

Through conferences, competitions, exhibitions, publications and websites, AIGA inspires, educates and informs designers, helping them to realize their talents and to advocate the value of design among the media, the business community, governments and the public.

BEDA (www.beda.org)
BEDA (Bureau of European Design Associations) exists to ensure permanent liaison between the professional societies of designers, the promotional, educational, research, social and design management organisations and networks within the countries of Europe, and to act as a liaison between them and the authorities of the European Union.

PDA (www.pda-europe.com)
The PDA (Pan-European Brand Design Association) is the designers’ association in Europe which informs, stimulates and motivates its members in order to maximise the creativity, effectiveness and profitability of member agencies as well as the personal talents of their respective employees. The members of the PDA are specialised in Packaging, Design and Branding.

ADC*E (www.adceurope.org/)
The ADC*E (Art Directors Club of Europe) was founded in 1990 as a not-for- profit organisation to foster and reward excellence in European design and advertising. It’s an association of European Creative Clubs, owned and managed by the national design and advertising professional associations of sixteen European countries.

For the full list of national design associations endorsing Eulda, click on “National Associations” at the foot of the homepage.

Each association is free to choose whether to email Eulda’s call-for-entries directly to its members, or publicize Eulda through its own regular newsletter. At the end of entry phase a list of participants is sent to each association, allowing them to monitor the success of the project among their members.

Eulda features sponsors of the highest calibre.

Sappi (www.sappi.com)

Sappi is the world’s leading producer of coated fine paper and dissolving pulp. We have established ourselves as leaders in our field, through innovation by responding to the needs of our customers around the world and by excellent management skills.

Fontegrafica (www.fontegrafica.it)

Founded in 1951 in Milan, Fontegrafica is one of the world’s finest printers. They offer a complete service satisfying all the demands of modern communication, offering a wide range of technical solutions. The structure of the company combines the craftsman’s character, care and attention to detail with the technological assets typical of a major business. Their Vision 2000 certification bears witness to the commitment and the importance that Fontegrafica attributes to quality, in all its aspects. The exceptional quality of their printed products is confirmed by the international awards they have won repeatedly.

Technical sponsors
FontShop (www.fontshop.com)

The original independent font retailer with locations around the world. Fontshop carries over 30,000 fonts from more than 50 international type foundries, large and small. They’ve been around since the dawn of digital type: 14 years of experience work for you.

Kien (www.kien.it)

In a study commissioned by the Italian employers. association, Assolombarda-Confindustria, Kien was cited as a model of innovation and competence. They offer multilingual communication as well as business consultancy services to firms planning to expand their activities abroad.
Since 1986, Kien has operated internationally through an extensive network of companies. Their offices in Italy, China and the U.S. together with their partners worldwide provide customers with a full range of integrated business services. Repeat business and referrals indicate that customers particularly appreciate their expertise, discretion, attention to detail, careful personalized service as well as their international vision.

Media partners
We are grateful to our prestigious media partners for their valuable contribution to publicizing Eulda worldwide.

Novum (www.novumnet.de)
Novum world of graphic design is a leading and influential design magazine, first published in 1924. Each month this bilingual journal presents its readers with examples of the very best in graphic design, illustration, photo design, new media, corporate design, advertising and typography.

Lino (www.linomagazine.com.au)
Conceived by Designers for the design conscious and now moving into its fourth year of publication, Lino is an internationally acclaimed, Australian and New Zealand contemporary design lifestyle magazine. Lino’s mission is to produce a visually clean, photographically edgy and editorially influential publication.

Typo (www.magtypo.cz)
Typo is a unique magazine. The name Typo gives away the main focus of the magazine – typography, which is discussed from different points of view and with connection to other fields such as architecture, photography, social science and aesthetics. The magazine is published bi-monthly in English and Czech.

Dexigner (www.dexigner.com)
Dexigner is the leading online information service for designers and artists. Dexigner Design Portal delivers latest design news, events, exhibitions, conferences, design competitions and a selection of design links.

Netdiver (www.netdiver.net)
Netdiver is a digital culture magazine and design portal. Devoted to tutoring, empowering and stimulating creativity as well as excellence in design projects by the international community involved in the industry and beyond.

The FWA (www.thefwa.com)
The FWA (Favourite Website Awards) is an industry recognised web award program, established in 2000, showcasing websites who use cutting edge technology, together with inspirational ideas, that lead the way for future generations. The FWA serves millions of visitors each year and is seen as the number one achievement for innovative web design.

Digitalthread (www.digitalthread.com)
A unique web design portal and design blog, Digitalthread takes special care to catalog the only the best web design firms and design resources online… and provides reviews and thumbnails of sites listed by topic, specialty and date of posting. A great daily resource and arrival point for web designers to explore graphic design online

Taxi (www.designtaxi.com)
TAXI Design Network is an international media design network. TAXI was the first Official Web Media for the international Singapore Design Festival and the Major Media Partner for Icograda Design Week in Seattle. Gravitating the world with its international professional readership, TAXI has its fingers on the pulse of the current trends and eyes on the latest cultures of the moving world with 10 million page views monthly. Creative industry players across the globe depend on it to improve their understanding, quality and approach to design.

étapes :international (www.etapes.com/international/)
étapes: international is the english version of the french graphic design magazine “étapes:” with a wide selection of its best articles. By its contents and its unique visual aspect, the magazine offers an outstanding way of reaching the market and professions in the area of visual creation. étapes has been created for professionals in the domain of visual communication: designers, creative managers, artworkers, web designers, communication agencies, illustrators, executives, decision makers and business directors, etc. The target public of the magazine also includes consumers who cultivate a certain art of living, dynamic, creative, sensitive people appreciating quality and having a critical and passionate vision and are fascinated by the areas of communication and media.

Kak Magazine (www.kak.ru)
www.kak.ru is devoted to design and designers. Web-site was launched in 2002 as internet page of the same name magazine [kAk), that deals with graphic design. In 2005 web-site was redesigned and restructured in order to become global web- resource about design (graphic, product, architectural, web, TV-design). It has daily updated news in the field of design, subject columns lead by Russian famous designers, detailed section devoted print magazine [kAk), etc.