Why take part?

  • Because it’s a prestigious award scheme that promotes excellence in European design around the world.
  • Because it’s the only award scheme in the world endorsed by more than 65 international and national design associations.
  • Because there’s a completely innovative panel of judges – innovative both in its composition and in the judging procedure it uses.
  • Because the winners will be featured in an outstanding and comprehensive annual design publication, as well as on the Eulda website and covered in articles in the most influential design (print and digital) media.
  • Because finally there’s real visibility among clients due to Eulda’s partnership with Aquent, the world’s largest marketing staffing firm.
  • Because Eulda is a powerful marketing tool to promote yourself and/or your design firm.
  • Because participants are entitled to significant discounts on purchase of the book and other affiliated design annuals along with a discount on next year’s entry fee.
  • And because if you’re a member of one of the design associations endorsing Eulda there’s a discount of 20% on entry to Eulda ’07 and on the purchase of the Eulda Printed Annual.



For Eulda ’07, any logo printed, published or visible online between January 1, 2006 and December 31, 2006 is eligible.
Eulda is open to European designers, studios, agencies and their clients living or working within Europe. All entrants may submit as many works as they wish. Any country within the geographical definition of Europe (including the UK, all Scandinavian countries, all EU countries, etc) is considered European for the purposes of Eulda.
European citizenship is not a requirement for designers and a European HQ is not a requirement for clients.

Students are eligible for the competition. Student work will be judged by the same criteria and juries as any other professional work submitted.

All the entries must be original creations or property of the designer, design firm or any individual submitting the design piece.


Entry fees & payment

1 logo € 72 (VAT included)
2 logos € 120 (VAT included)
3 or more logos € 48 each ((VAT included)

No extra fees will be requested when an award is won.
There is a 20% discount for members of the associations that endorse Eulda. Discounts are not cumulative. (see the full list at

Late Fees
No entries sent after May 28, 2007 will be accepted. No late fee is requested.

Online payment
You may pay for your entries online using a credit card. Your credit card information will be encrypted and processed via VeriSign Secure Online Payment Gateway so that your privacy is protected. Eulda Books will not store your information for any reason.
Eulda accepts AMEX, MC, VISA, PAYPAL.

Offline payment
An Offline Payment Form is provided online. Download it from the “Proceed to payment” area. Please note that offline payments incur an additional cost of € 20 to cover bank charges. The offline payment options are Cheque or Bank Transfer (in €).



Prizes & other benefits

Each year the winning entries are rewarded with prestigious design objects created specially for Eulda: one “Best of Europe” trophy for the overall winner, and individual “Best of Nation” trophies for the best entry from each country.
Eulda awards are true symbols of creative achievement. They’re not easy to come by, either. Our juries are among the most discriminating, so earning a Eulda award is a true accomplishment. Even the simple certificates represent something worth hanging on the wall rather than just a sheet of paper to file away.

Winners will also receive a listing on the relevant winner’s page, a 50% discount on unlimited copies of the book and discounts on entry to the next edition of Eulda and on other affiliated design annuals:

ReBrand (
Eulda participants are entitled to a discount on the entry fee to ReBrand 100®, the first and only global awards competition to recognize the world’s most effective rebrands: the repositioning, revitalizing, and redesign of existing brands assets to meet strategic goals.

LogoLounge (
Eulda participants receive an extra three months of membership FREE (15 months for the price of one year) when join Members can upload unlimited logos for consideration in the LogoLounge Vol. 5.

All winning entries are entitled to two complimentary personalized certificates (plus two Eulda cubes in case of higher award winners): one for the designer, and one for the client.

These are the prizes offered:

Best of Europe (one) Client Agency
1 “Best of Europe” trophy * *
1 “Best of Europe” certificate * *
1 free copy of the book * *
50% discount on unlimited extra copies * *
Free entry to Eulda ’08 *
Best of Nation (one for each nation)
1 “Best of Nation” trophy * *
1 “Best of Nation” certificate * *
50% discount on unlimited copies of the book * *
50% discount on entry to Eulda ’08 *
Other logos published
1 “Award Winner” certificate * *
50% discount on unlimited copies of the book * *
25% discount on entry to Eulda ’08 *
Other logos not published
25% discount on unlimited copies of the book * *

Additional cubes and/or certificates may be purchased at a cost of respectively € 120 / € 25 each.

Note: the above discounts cannot be combined with any others (e.g. the discount for members of associations endorsing Eulda).


Deadline & procedure

The deadline for submitting entries is May 18, 2007. All late registrations will incur an additional € 25 on top of the registration fee. No entries sent after May 28, 2007 will be accepted.

During the registration period an online registration will be available on Participants will be able to log in and out whenever necessary to see the status of their submission(s).

  1. Create an account – After having read the Official Rules, choose + enter now and fill in the contact data form for the person or company entering the submissions. Once you receive an email, click on the link in this email.
  2. Submit entry/entries – Log on to your account area whenever you want, using your username and password. This is where your list of entries will appear, including those you have already paid for. Fill in all the necessary details including the logo name, the client, description of the logo and the name of the designer(s). If you decide to leave the website, you will be taken to this stage when you log back in.
  3. Payment – Finalize your payment by credit card or choose another payment method (PayPal or bank transfer). You’ll get confirmation of a successful transaction and an invoice for your records (the invoice will be automatically generated on payment).

Submit your logo files according to the following specifications:

  • Vector format (Illustrator, Freehand, InDesign, Pdf). PageMaker and Quark files not accepted.
  • CMYK colour (no Pantone). If your files include fonts, please convert to outline (vector).

In case of non vectorial images, files must respect the following specifications:

  • 300 dpi resolution, minimum size 4″ x 4″ (about 10×10 cm.), TIFF format in CMYK colour. Files should not exceed 10 MB.

Eulda offers you the chance to register your entry and make payment online with no shipping costs. Pleaes do not send original work or digital versions on CD or DVD, offline subscriptions available only in case of technical problems. Please refer to for further assistance.

Winners will be notified in September, 2007. Please do not call. Higher award winners (Best of Europe or Best of Nation) may be included in related advertising and promotional materials.



Eulda shall not be held accountable or responsible for any lost or stolen awards, certificates or entries. Fees are non-refundable once the entry has been submitted for any reason. Entrants declare that they are owners of their designs and that no rights of third parties will be infringed by their publication. Eulda declines any responsibility as to the infringements of rights of third parties. By submitting work and entry fees, entrants grant permission to Eulda to exhibit and use entries at such times and ways, and as often as Eulda deems advisable. Entrants also agree to hold Eulda harmless of any claims whatsoever, including but not limited to copyright claims, that may be made against it by reason of any such presentation. Eulda does not guarantee entrants any award winner, as the nature of the competition is subjected to jury discretion. If a telecast of selected winners is arranged with a TV network or local station, the entrant will be notified and requested to absorb such talent or other residual charges that may be incurred by inclusion of one or more of the winners in such a program, provided these charges are not waived by the individuals, firms or unions involved.